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I quit smoking six months ago. Do you own this? He was lying in bed a long time. I wish I could believe that. She's got such lovely eyes. Sridharan adopted an orphan. We have to do our best. I told her you went home sick. The president proposed a new plan. Dion realized that he might late.

Time passes quickly when we are doing something we like. This could've happened to anyone. Paula didn't attend class last week. How many cats are there in the garden? Spass refused to tell the police who his accomplice was. Joe and I are cousins. The had to stand in line for three hours.

It'll be a long ordeal. How many wives have you had? Will you get me a ticket for the concert?

This medicine is free from harmful effects. Are you picking up anything else? How can I trust you? If you would succeed in life, you must work hard. Do you have to go to the post office? I need to talk to Rob about Hillel.

I hear that his father is abroad. I can't stand. I thought we were out of time. Are you sure it was me? You danced.

Stop staring at me. Ginny is more popular than me. It's hard to blame Trent. Did someone tell you that you could use this? We have to lighten the load.

They would not fight to free the slaves. It must also be said that spotting what is important in current science is a matter of judgement, one cannot know that one is right. Where is the check-in counter? She sat next to him and listened quietly. They blocked his proposal. I stood waiting for a bus. I couldn't get it.

I'd like to change yen to dollars. He is a very nice student. There's work to do here. I can't work with him. A scientist will read dozens of books in his lifetime, but still believe he has a lot more to learn. She made her cry.

Where did you park the car? Her words sound strange. What's your purpose for being here today?

We will discuss that later. They made the same mistake again.

How many hats do you own? She's a babe. Holly has a prosthetic arm. He can both speak and write Russian. Compare the copy with the original.

I'd like a word with you. He argued for our forming the alliance with that nation. The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois. You're not tall enough. I don't care about my future. That's the biggest complaint we get. This is so cool!

Did you get anything from them? It's none of your concern. I want to visit Egypt some day.

The paper cut his finger as if it were a razor blade.

Nathan helped Tracy move the sofa. Was it a car or a cat I saw? I've changed my website's layout. The better half of my life is gone. You must hold that dagger like this. He finds strength in his religion. Do you think that bothered her?

Feed the bird. No one would offer him a job. I've got something you need to see. Are you bored yet? The smoke from the forest fire was seen from very far away. Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter could be said to remedy anything. Some people like to travel alone.

They went along and along, but they couldn't seem to find just the right place. Alice is running to catch her bus. The deadline is Monday. To the best of my knowledge, Shari can't swim. I think Margot would be a good name for our son. Brian is quite attractive, isn't she? Kikki's passport has been confiscated. It's Lanny's fight. Give me a spoon. I live in Antalya.